Vampiric Angel (darklifejae) wrote in wakingdreamers,
Vampiric Angel

my introduction to me =^_^=

I am 15 and 8 months old (well I will be on the 20th of this month), my sign is Leo, I'm an ex cutter, I tend to love bad weather and be in bad moods on perfect days, I'm an artist, I'm a writer, I wish I could read Tarot, I sense things, sometimes I see things(I used to think they were shadows but i'm not so sure anymore),I live in a house where people died, I'm highly caffienated most of the time and I love all things Irish and well...that's about it (heehee), i am in the Awakening process, I wish i could be ~home~, i prefer to be called Mahteka (pronounced Mah-Take-ah), most cats seem to like me, my mother's a sunday school teacher....i think that's about it

please ask if you want to know anything el
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