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In following with the new introduction thingy that has been established..

Call me Ishmael... wait no... ok.. Just call me Timothy (I give up, but not to THAT extent..)

I am.. 17, male, artist, philosopher, teacher, and student of life.

In the future, I will be be a healer, a seer, and a paid teacher.. and a paid thinker (my version of getting paid for.. well.. cooking, or playing video games)

Intrinsically, I am a great many things.. but most of all, I am spirit. I am what I am. I embody that which is, within me, and without. (I know I know.. Im not the only one who can say this.. but somebody had to, right? right?) And I dont think too much. What? I DON'T!

{dodges the hand of god}

Me no soy baka... {ahem} that is soy baka, not soybaka.

Anyone notice that 'b' is next to 'v' on the qwerty? Anyone notice that there is a definate correlation between the word baka, and cows? Anyone notice that Japanese and Spanish have nearly identical vowel patterns? And finally, anyone notice that Cow in spanish is Vaca?

Yo no soy vaca... me no vaca.. timE no vaca... timE no baka...
Im not a cow... I no cow. time is not a cow... time is an idiot...

I DON'T think too much damnit!!
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