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Waking Dreamers' Journal
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Sunday, April 10th, 2005
12:12 am
breathe new life
heh thought id wander in and say hello...

job - professional dream surfer....
the best dreams are those on your days off when you can just roll over and go back to sleep....
and wake up about 4 hours later having battled something or gone travelling to somewhere random....

whats the weirdest or scariest dream everyones had???

my weirdest dream ive had recently was having my drink spiked with acid
and walking around a themepark with a giant sized sandpit....

the only problem is - unless you write them down 2 minutes after waking up...
5 minutes later - you've already forgotten most of what happened...

Current Mood: artistic
Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
10:51 am
ok i know that i haven't posted in the community in a while....a WWWHIIILEE but i am hoping SOMEONE...ANYONE will know what to do...or at least will try to help me figure this out!! So please forgive my negleting of the community and anything you can think of will be appreciated.

ever have the feeling your getting a ~wish you were here~ or ~hope to see you soon(as in sometimes during the next few centuries)~ or ~i miss you~ kind of message...from yourself?

and in other strangeness...my poltergiest (or whatever it was) has...vanished...so to speak

also...i have not been feeling well lately...in part because i keep having the feeling someone (possibly me) is trying to get in touch with me or communicate some how but my already confusing thoughts/feelings keep getting in the way of this message(s) i am supposed to be recieving... and i am watching my back....but i need help...does anyone know how to deal with this?...or at least know how to makes things a little more clear?

Current Mood: confused
Sunday, July 28th, 2002
3:06 pm
why is it that every time i join a community, they die....ironic, isn't it? aiya -- so much has gone on with me this summer...so much change...it's like i'm a different person -- when school starts we'll see if that person is good...or bad...but untill then i continue to slowly smother in this cocoon called life

Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, May 7th, 2002
3:04 pm
uhh.. wha?
hmm.. I notice everyone's lack of postage on this board.. and it has been requested by certain desparate sounding parties (who will remain nameless) that I rev this board back up by posting. Unfotunatally, I have nothing to say at this point. I just thought that I'd post and remind you guys that it's here.

I WILL however be on later on tonight to post on the dream I had the other night.. Hopefully that will spark some conversation.

Current Mood: thirsty
Sunday, April 21st, 2002
11:50 pm
Just thought I'd post and address a few issues.

Because of the way my livejournal and actual journal and chatting habits have been developing of late, I feel inclined to use this board as a convenient medium of communication between a specific few of you and I. The question is, Do you guys think I should just ignore the fact that many can read this? Of course, there are some things that I wouldnt say.. like I would only speak in reference to myself and my situation. To do otherwise and speak in reference to one of you, could possably serve to reveal undesirablely certain 'things' of any number of areas. --kicks language in the head again-- I'm thinking Im willing to put up with random people reading my posts and going What the f***.. I know some of you wouldnt care to do this, --ahem ahem KEIhem cough ahem-- for obvious solari related reasons, but... I think my point is tooken... thoughts people?

--wonders what is wrong with his grasp of the english language tonight--

Current Mood: confused as usual
Thursday, April 18th, 2002
10:30 am
ok, i give
i have been convinced to come back. sorry about my snap judgement on the otaku thing. it just seemed like manga was a very important part of this community. i need to work on my early judging.

and i do like anime - in small doses. my favourite one i've seen is ghost in the shell. next on my list to see is perfect blue. and some of the shorts i've seen have been really really funny and interesting, but i forget their names. oh, and i love vampire princess miyu. i am, however, quite obsessed with other asian things, just so you know.

anyhoo, i guess i'd like to bring up a topic for discussion - the starchildren thing that timothy and i have been talking a little about. he called them "otherkin." what do you all know of these people? have you met any in real life (other than your friend's brother, timothy)?

Current Mood: mellow
Wednesday, April 17th, 2002
9:08 am
i'm sorry to say, methinks this is not the right place for me. i'm not an otaku. it has been interesting, though.
12:19 am
In following with the new introduction thingy that has been established..

Call me Ishmael... wait no... ok.. Just call me Timothy (I give up, but not to THAT extent..)

I am.. 17, male, artist, philosopher, teacher, and student of life.

In the future, I will be be a healer, a seer, and a paid teacher.. and a paid thinker (my version of getting paid for.. well.. cooking, or playing video games)

Intrinsically, I am a great many things.. but most of all, I am spirit. I am what I am. I embody that which is, within me, and without. (I know I know.. Im not the only one who can say this.. but somebody had to, right? right?) And I dont think too much. What? I DON'T!

{dodges the hand of god}

Me no soy baka... {ahem} that is soy baka, not soybaka.

Anyone notice that 'b' is next to 'v' on the qwerty? Anyone notice that there is a definate correlation between the word baka, and cows? Anyone notice that Japanese and Spanish have nearly identical vowel patterns? And finally, anyone notice that Cow in spanish is Vaca?

Yo no soy vaca... me no vaca.. timE no vaca... timE no baka...
Im not a cow... I no cow. time is not a cow... time is an idiot...

I DON'T think too much damnit!!
Tuesday, April 16th, 2002
1:58 pm
you all may call me Kagetenshi, or if you prefer to use my name that is acceptable as well. If you know Japanese or have the motivation to pull out a J/E dictionary, you'll also find out summat about my role.
Though a very small summat.
I warp probability and the universe in general, and at times wish the future would just leave me alone. however, it is interesting to note that while I'm almost perpetually seeing the future, I rarely see anything certain, anything I know will happen, but a field of probabilities. which is altogether more reliable, given that things are happening that can put any prediction out of whack.
My hearing... well, it's gotten sharper again. I had fun listening to a tuning fork from a significant distance in a loud classroom after everyone else had stopped hearing it... and then that time with the bird hopping on the crowded street that I heard.
I think this is all that need be said at this point... more, in fact, but we need to keep Bob happy :)

Current Mood: Enigmatic
10:12 am
my introduction to me =^_^=
I am 15 and 8 months old (well I will be on the 20th of this month), my sign is Leo, I'm an ex cutter, I tend to love bad weather and be in bad moods on perfect days, I'm an artist, I'm a writer, I wish I could read Tarot, I sense things, sometimes I see things(I used to think they were shadows but i'm not so sure anymore),I live in a house where people died, I'm highly caffienated most of the time and I love all things Irish and well...that's about it (heehee), i am in the Awakening process, I wish i could be ~home~, i prefer to be called Mahteka (pronounced Mah-Take-ah), most cats seem to like me, my mother's a sunday school teacher....i think that's about it

please ask if you want to know anything el
9:25 am
pardon me for not having introduced myself. i was unaware that was requisite. please forgive.

i am 23, cancer, physicist, artist, writer, web developer (my current job). i read tarot, i sense things, sometimes i see things, mostly i know them. i have ears like a hawk, a psychic once told me i'm an alien, i'm highly caffienated most of the time and i love all things asian and jamaican.

any questions? please ask.
Monday, April 15th, 2002
10:54 pm
The recent join of the new member has brought to my attention the possibility that we may find new members whom the established members do not find acceptable for the community.(this does not necessarily refer to the new member) For this reason, we are instating a new system. First of all...we will ask all new members to provide an introduction. Second...at any time an established member may start a petition to remove another member for a reason that must be expressed in the petition by starting a post entitled "The removal of ". The post must also include a link to this post so everyone understands the process. Finally, all such posts must be made available to community members only.(this is done by setting the security to "Friends") Members should reply directly to the post with their vote, to remove them, or to let them stay. Members are welcome to change their vote and make additional comments to provide argument to points presented. No member may vote on their own removal but they may provide argument. Members are warned to stick to logical arguments and explanations and not use insults in this. Insults in one of these discussions may result in a ban. Also, the administrators may decide that they will not take someone's vote into consideration, in such a case the vote will be deleted. This will more often be due to the fact that the administrators do not yet feel comfortable trusting your judgment (most likely because they do not feel they know you well or you know the persons in question well enough to judge). Finally...these posts may be closed at any time by admins or by their creators. If a creator closes a post...someone else must start a new one if they wish to continue the topic. If the topic creator closes it they may also withdraw their proposal...meaning we will not make a decision based on their post. They may also call upon the admins to make a decision and state they feel the discussion is over. In this case, the member in question is allowed to make any final pleas on his or her behalf. If an admin closes a post, it is expected that no one brings up the subject for the same reasons until new examples come up. Creators of such posts are asked to e-mail the admins to remind them to check the post...preferably with a link to the comments page. The admins have a group e-mail: at etsuni@notanrpg.zzn.com. Their individual e-mails will be given later. Finally, the admins reserve the right to remove any member for any reason at any time. They may chose to do so at any point during a discussion...or even without a discussion being started. Now...I would like to ask that all members that have yet to make an introduction to make one as soon as they read this.
-Infiniteim (kei@headsofrei.zzn.com)
-Ani (kitsune@wfeca.net)
10:11 pm
please dont delete it...

{puppy eyes..}
10:08 pm
Ive been instructed by god to speak my name unto this bit of aetherial wind called bandwidth, despite the fact that MY NAME IS FRIGGIN LABELED!!!! {ahem..}

sorry about that. In any case, I hereby speaketh:

Deme.. {hack.. cough...} Demetr..{hack... cough... sneeze... cough..} DemEtriuth!!

ACK!!! I meant Demetre{caugh.. weeeeezee....}


Wahoo!! I have overcome.. umm... the Bobness of this situation!!! yeah.. thats it

if you have to ask.. then most likely your in the wrong place.. This is not the face of insanity.. this is the face of.. of...

DeMETRIUS IUS ius iu s { echo echo echo etc etc, hack, cough}
7:12 pm
yippie...uh...i have no clue what to post yet - heehee .... i had a shitty day...can anyone change that? (i wish)

Current Mood: artistic
1:48 pm
so, what? are we gonna talk about something?

any thoughts on developing one's psychic abilities?

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, April 14th, 2002
1:31 pm
gah...that's it...all of you learn giar now.
Saturday, April 13th, 2002
11:55 pm
Evening, all....
and just a note for everyone who comes here later who doesn't know me already: DO NOT TRY TO SUMMON ME.
it's quite irritating. thank you for your time.
6:37 pm
Alternate purpose..
I disagree. I propose a different purpose. This community is for those rare and not so random sane people in the world who... okay.. how do I phrase this.. see and understand it differently then all of the... people of the.. psycho-society thing we live in.


{hates english, beats it with a stick}
6:35 pm
my first post here. I have no name as of yet. I may be called Infiniteim for the time being. I welcome you all.
-RaSerin Infiniteim
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