jodiesattva (403forbidden) wrote in wakingdreamers,

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ok, i give

i have been convinced to come back. sorry about my snap judgement on the otaku thing. it just seemed like manga was a very important part of this community. i need to work on my early judging.

and i do like anime - in small doses. my favourite one i've seen is ghost in the shell. next on my list to see is perfect blue. and some of the shorts i've seen have been really really funny and interesting, but i forget their names. oh, and i love vampire princess miyu. i am, however, quite obsessed with other asian things, just so you know.

anyhoo, i guess i'd like to bring up a topic for discussion - the starchildren thing that timothy and i have been talking a little about. he called them "otherkin." what do you all know of these people? have you met any in real life (other than your friend's brother, timothy)?
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